Re: You need to update Skype. NOT!

Stan Bobbitt

When I need to completely close skype I follow these steps:
1 open select a system tray icon with INSERT F11 and arrow down to skype
2 tab to right single click and hit spacebar
3 arrow down to quit and hit enter
4 you'll be asked if you're sure, tab down to quit and again hit enter

Stan B

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I had the same issue with not being able to close Skype after installing. I’m running Windows 8.1 as well, and wonder if we inadvertently installed the Windows App version of Skype instead of the full desktop version? I’m not to clear as to whether or not there are Windows Apps for all programs or not. Just a thought. I hardly use Skype, so not sure if it’s working or not… just installed the update because a window came up prompting me to update Skype, so I did.


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My goodness all of this excitement. I'm running the latest build of the program with JFW 16 and though some things have changed all is going just fine. I was able to explore various options, send a chat message to someone and even see where to initiate a call should I have wished to do so and all of that even without being sure I'm running the latest Skype scripts from Doug.
Deep cleansing breaths and reasonable thought processes are a good thing.
Happy Saturday one and all.

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I have never been a big fan of Skype, but the new features in
Skype, as advertised in an email message I received having a
subject line similar to the above, made it tempting.

So, I read further. Apparently, the old Skype will no longer be

Being one always willing to jump for the bleeding edge, I gave it
a try. In fairness, I didn't try to work with it for very long,
but this has to rank right up there with the most inaccessible
products I've seen on the market in the last decade. The thing
brings up a list of options that one can read, but none of them
works. Even worse, Skype hangs around and cannot be removed even
with Alt-F4. I almost entitled this message, "Is Skype really a
virus?" Fortunately, after going to the Control Panel, it was
fairly easy to get rid of the thing. Now, my computer is working
normally, but I really thought I had inadvertently introduced a
virus to my computer (Windows 8.1). I'm using JAWS 16.

So, except for those with some sight (probably quite a bit) and
those with psychological needs to inflict punishment upon
themselves, I would recommend to people that they bypass the
tempting advertisements in the Skype email message that is likely
to appear in your Inbox soon - if it has not appeared already.

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