doing a jaws repair

Ryan Coverdell

I had malware on my computer and in the process of restoring Jaws it
no longer works right. I can tab from link to link using google chrome
but I cannot read using the arrow keys. On IE 11 I can do neither.
FREEDOM SCIENTIFIC said I need to do a repair of Jaws. I could not
stay and do it, but they said they were willing to assist. The next
time I would be able to call them is Thursday, June 2,5. I'd rather
not wait that long if I can help it. Is any one on this list competent
doing a Jaws repair and could walk me through it? If you are could you
contact me off list? If it's an easy enough process could you send me
instructions? If not, could you give me your phone number and the
times you are available? I'll be around most of today and on Monday,
Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings after 6 P.M. Mountain standard time.
I'd really like to get this fixed. Jaws 14, windows 7. I'm writing
this message on my Pac Mate Omni, which is now the only device I have
that reads web-based text pages. Happy Father's Day tomorrow,
Ryan Coverdell

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