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Brent Harding

I heard that they were making it so there's more things to need to hover over to do. I'm not sure what the hover command is with Jaws.

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Hello Daniel,
I do not use netflics, but copied the following from a post on The Jaws List months ago. By your letter it is out of date, but I thought I would send it along just in case it helped.
Cheers Kevin.
Net Flicks
Let’s say we want to watch House MD.

We log into Netflix, click on our profile name and then click on the “search link.”

Type in House MD and press enter.
Now you arrow down until you find something that says “graphic House MD.” Right below that is a link that says Y Player. If you click that link, the playback will start where you last left off. If this is the first time you have clicked on a movie or series, it will start with the first episode or at the beginning of the movie.

We’ll get to the playback options in a minute. Let’s assume that you want to access the list of episodes for a particular series.

Using our House MD example, arrow back up to the area that says “graphic House MD.” It may say something a little different on your computer but the idea is that you find the “graphic” for the show you’re trying to access.

Now, press home to make sure you’re on the graphic.
route Jaws to PC with insert+[, access the Jaws cursor with insert+p and then use insert+8 to left click.

This should cause a link to the show to appear further down the page. Arrow down through the information and go past “service code” and copyright info. You should reach a link to the show. Click that link.

Now you can move around and look at the episodes in the season you’ve reached. If this is your first time accessing the show, you’ll be on season 1. To change seasons arrow down past “recommend to a friend” and you will hear season 1. Press enter on the number of the season. This will cause a list of seasons to come up. Press enter on the season you want.
Now just find the show you want to listen to and arrow down one time to the play link and press enter.

Now, press insert+z to turn virtual PC cursor off. Press the tab key and you should hear something like “scrubber ...

press shift+tab to go back and you’ll be in the play options area. Press the up arrow to increase the volume, down arrow to decrease, spacebar to stop and start and left and right arrows to move through the show. If you move forward or backward, you may need to press the spacebar to start play because it will stop when you arrow through the show.

There are some other things you can do in this area. Just explore by tabbing through the page. Remember that your virtual cursor is turned off. When you’re ready to leave that page, be sure and turn it back on.

This may require a little trial and error on your part but you can quickly master the Netflix system.
1, make sure screen is maximized,
2, make sure word rap is checked in the format options,
To edit notifications; You can turn off the notifications in the UAC in the control panel.
Go to the control panel and type UAC into the search field and press enter,
one of the results will be "change UAC settings.

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Dear Group:

I am new to this JAWS User Group. I am a subscriber to Netflix, who seems to
want to make it darned difficult for screen readers to navigate.

I am operating with JAWS 14, Windows 7 and Internet Explorer. Netflix
changed things about 4 months ago that made navigation difficult without a
sighted person to use the mouse. Then, they changed again yesterday and I
cannot navigate their site at all.

Any others out there with this issue?


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