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Michael Mote

I have seen the Microsoft Dynamic program in a call center environment. I
have several clients who run this using JAWS. We did have to do some
scripting for the combo boxes that are used in the CRM, but I believe that
was in large part due to the way the developers created the drop down menus.
It does work fairly well with JAWS, but again, the developers need to be
advised to properly code it correctly. When I say code, I mean tag buttons
and labels with text so that JAWS will read the element name properly. Hope
this helps!

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Does anyone happen to have experience using this program with JAWS?

By the end of the year, my company of affiliation plans to have rolled out a
newly self-developed program to handle CRM, and I have been invited to take
part in a beta test so this program can be made accessible. So for those in
tech-driven, compliance-oriented sales environments who have experience with
client relationship management software, what programs do you recommend as
being most compatible with JAWS off the shelf? Or which ones can be most
easily scripted?

Thanks to anyone who sees fit to help answer my queries.


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