question about accessible text editors for scripting

Amy Bower

Hi All - I'm looking for an accessible text editor (Windows) for writing
program scripts (specifically for Matlab, which is somewhat like C but
unique to Matlab). I've tried EdSharp and it works pretty well, but looking
for something else that is updated. I use both Jaws and Magic, and need the
editor to work with both simultaneously. I've looked into UltraEdit, and as
others have reported, it seems to work well with Jaws, but Magic only
tracked the cursor in SayAll, not when I move word to word or line to line.
Whatever editor I use has to have a Go To Line command for debugging. I
think that rules out Notepad and Wordpad. I've read that Notepad++ is not
that accessible. I looked into emacs and emacspeak, but these seemd to have
steep learning curves. Not that interested in them.

Suggestions welcome, offline please, at


-Amy B.

P.S. I'm running on two Windows 7, 64-bit platforms, one has Magic 12, Jaws
16 and MS Office 12, and the other has Magic 13, Jaws 16 and MS Office 2013.

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