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not sure of which version of jaws your using,
but, the keystroke for creating place markers, isn't ctrl+windows+k,
I'm using jaws 16,
the keystroke is ctrl+shift+k,
now tab to add,
also, alt+windows+k will announce the various place markers.

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With so much good Internet advice flying around on this list
lately, I thought I would raise a question that has been bugging

I use PlaceMarkers frequently, especially with Web applications
that I use all the time, including a document management Web App
that I access (keep loaded all the time) daily.

I'm wondering if there is a strategy to ensure that PlaceMarkers
always work. Frankly, the PlaceMarkers I have set tend to remain,
but the k key, which is supposed serially to jump from placeMarker
to PlaceMarker often skips PlaceMarkers that I know are there.
Sometimes, after JAWS has skipped over a PlaceMarker I can hit
shift K to go backwards, and sometimes JAWS will find the shy
PlaceMarker. Sometimes it does not.

Years ago, I had the same problem with WindowEyes, and have been
assuming that PlaceMarkers are just flakey and not terribly
reliable because of the peculiarities of the Net.

No one has told me that, and it occurred to me that I perhaps am
doing something wrong.

Here is what I do:

1. Press Control plus windows plus K

2. Choose Add PlaceMarker

3. accept the default name, link to text, use the default text
(if I know it is going to be constant), and choose domain only if
I know the element will always be on screen within the

Linking to text seems like it ought to increase the reliability of
the PlaceMarker, but I do not think that is true. Is it possible
that the opposite is true?

I think I'm making the right choice in indicating when it should
be linked to the domain instead of the specific page, but perhaps
my thinking is backwards.

If everyone else has the same reliability issues, then I'll
continue with my thought that PlaceMarkers are just flakey.

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