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Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi Kimberly. Thanks for re-posting this.

Lauren, as some additional info, try the following: While in MS Word, hit
INSERT+F1 twice quickly. This opens up the JAWS help topic specific to the
MS Word application. Follow the link labeled "Helpful Hints for Using JAWS
with Word". There, you'll find another link labeled "Track Changes". This
section is very informative.

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Hi Lauren,

I've pasted below the text of a message from about a month ago on this
It deals with this exact question.

If after reading it you have questions about how to modify your quick
toolbar, let me know. I received some rather good instructions from
list member and would be glad to share them.

What follows is that post:

I cleared the quick access toolbar of its defaults, then added the
- Previous change or comment.
- Next change or comment.
- Accept revision.
- Reject revision.
In that order, so you can execute them with alt+1, alt+2, alt+3, and alt+4

I also customized the verbosity. INSERT+V to bring up JAWS settings in
search for "track changes" and crank up the verbosity. Then search for
"comments" and do the same. After this change, just arrowing to a modified
line will tell you number of revisions and comments. Arrowing into
modified or tagged text will tell you date of change, who the author was,
etc. Very useful.

I also use INSERT+V to change the verbosity of how JAWS reads punctuation.
When dealing with track changes, you really want this set to "all", in my

Another way to jump around is to turn on quick nav keys with INSERT+Z.
Then "r" moves to next revision, and "n" moves to next comment. But, in my
experience, it's easy to forget that quick nav is off, and you end up
a bunch of "r" and "n" characters all over the place. Beware.

Even if you can move to revisions, determining exactly what the change was
is rather a complex task. When JAWS tells you "paragraph style changed",
for example, you're left scratching your head as to exactly what was
Okay, to be fair, a sighted user has the same problem.

I may have missed some things, but that's the bulk of how I do track
changes. And I just discussed this about a week ago in this very list, so
might look back and check for posts in that thread. It might contain info
I failed to mention in this message.

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