Re: track changes and Jaws & Word 2013

Tim Ford

Hello Lauren,

AT least up through Word 2010, an easy way to display a clean version is an old Word keyboard shortcut,
control plus shift plus the letter e. Depending on your JAWS verbosity setting, JAWS will respond with "track changes on" or "track changes off", or just "on" and "off". This command does not actually accept track changes, it simply imbeds the track changes so you see just the text of the document as it currently is. Very handy.

I do not remember how to accept track changes, but assume someone else on this list does.

Tim Ford

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How can I accept changes someone has made. I can hear Jaws say inserted or
deleted followed by what someone else has done to my document, but can't
figure out how to accept those changes so they become a seamless part of the



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