virus protection, sound and video editing

Deidre Muccio <deimucc@...>

I will have a new computer set up soon. I will be running Windows 8.1, with
16 ggs RAM and a lot of storage space. I'll update to J16 Home.
Can anyone tell me what free virus protection should I consider using that
is accessible and would do a good job of protecting my new computer? I use
AVG on my current XP computer and though I might have some strange stuff
happen on occasion, I've never lost files or rarely have gotten mailings
from suspicious senders.

Also, I have used sound Recorder in years past to edit sound files. Is
anyone using it with J16 and Windows 8.1 and finding it easy to use?

Is anyone using a video editor that is accessible with J16? All I
would need to do is cut files up not embellish them in any way. I obviously
would need the audio to be running while I trimmed so I could know where to
trim based on that. I don't need a professional program to play with sound
quality or any of that though probably all the programs include that.



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