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I do not remember having this problem in Word 2003; however, I
know the Word 2010 control plus f command for find is a nasty,
awkward tool. I have not tried control plus f for years.
You might try this in Word 2003 too. I know this works in Word
2010. I use it 25 times a day.
Instead of using control plus f, instead use control plus h
followed immediately by alt plus d.
Type in your word, wait for the find, and hit escape (or tab to
"cancel search."
It works every time. To find subsequent occurrences, just use
shift plus F4.

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Whenever I press Control F in a word document, it takes me to the
word. My problem is getting out of the thing. If I go to the next
page, it will say next occurrence or the previous page, previous
occurrence. I've tabbed and arrowed and hit Escape. Can't figure
out why it won't go away. Thanks.

GIFT (God is forever true),

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