Re: I3 v. I5 processor from the standpoint of a JAWS User

Merv Keck <blind5sparrow@...>


I running Windows seven and while one was 8 gigs and one was six gigs, I
found that the one with 8 gigs ran a little faster even though it was an i5
sometimes than the i7 with six gigs. The only exceptions were times when the
slower hard drive in the i5 made itself evident over the hybrid in the i7.
Now I am sitting here looking at a brand new i7 with sixteen gigs and
unfortunately another slow hard drive because it was on sale at Amazon.
Other than that it is a really nice machine. The arrow keys even have raised
lines on them, laughs! But first chance I get I may swap out the 1 TB 5400
RPM drive for a smaller SSD just to make the machine really sing. The
machine also has an 8 gig SSD in there but I'm not really clear on the
purpose of those smaller drives other than to boost your boot time.

as a little surprised that I had two laptops that were both sixty four bit

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