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Thanks, learned more today! Reuben, that worked for me.

GIFT (God is forever true),


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What I do so that you don't even have to open internet explorer or whatever
you use is to hit the windows key and then hit ru for the run feature. Once
you hit enter on this you can type the web address you want in and hit enter
to go there.

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That is why I have our local TV station as my Home Page, but have an icon on
Desktop for Google, so that if I want it, Google is handy. I hated that
getting into Search every time that I went to Internet Explorer.

You probably know that if you get on your Home Page:

1. Press Control O
2. Type in the name of the site you want for your Home Page and press Enter
3. Press Alt 4. Right Arrow to Tools 5. Down Arrow to Internet Options or
6. Press Enter; should be on a general page.
7. Tab to Use Current
8. Press Enter
9. Tab to OK
10. Press Enter

My system is old, and I haven't done this for a while. I hope it will work
for you or get you to the direction that will work.
GIFT (God is forever true),


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Hi all

when I go into internet explorer it always opens a Google search page,
now this normally isn't a problem but like today I have a web address so
there is no need to search for it but I cant get to internet explorers
address bar to type it in.
if I do alt d it just says address and search using Google. so how do I
get to my address bar to type the web address in.
I am quite happy to get rid of Google as well as lets face it if i want to
use Google i go to the Google web sight.
oh I have windows 7 and jaws 12.

thanks in advance Joe
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