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You've said you're looking at laptops. The differences between I3 and I5 in laptop terms are a bit different from desktops. More important is the processor speed. As Ted told you, memory is your bigger concern. That said, if you can tell me the processor numbers, I can give you a better explanation of what to expect. For instance, I'm looking at datasheets for an I3 4005U and an I3 4000M. There's a much larger difference between those models than say an I3 4000M and an I5 4200M. I used to think a quad core would be better with JAWS because of its ability to multitask, but dual core machines (and both the I3 and I5 are dual in a laptop) have two threads per core, and quad cores often have one thread per core. So four threads either way in most cases.

On another note, if you need better battery life, you may find that the lower power of the ultrabook processors would serve you more than the speed of a more powerful processor.

Ted's got it right though. Memory is the key factor. I have a cheap Windows 7 notebook with an AMD processor that's average, and it does fine for me with JAWS 15. I basically use it like you do with very large PDF documents (tax books) etc. I haven't used JAWS on an I3 ultrabook, but I've used NVDA on same, and it handled fine. But it had 6 GB of RAM, and that made me happy.

As the subject of processors could get way off topic, feel free to email me off list with specific processor numbers if you want more detail on them. brad@...


On 6/10/2015 3:52 AM, Rahul Bajaj via Jfw wrote:
Hi All,

I am planning to buy a new laptop and am confused between two
machines: Dell Inspiron 3148 and 7348. My confusion stems from the
fact that the former runs on an I3 processor, whereas the latter runs
on an I5 processor. While I have been able to acquire a fairly
detailed understanding of the differences between these two on the
basis of some online research, I would be extremely grateful if any of
you could speak to the differences between these 2 processors from the
standpoint of a JAWS user. More specifically, I am a law student and
use my laptop for reading a lot of documents, using MS Office, email,
social networking and am acquired to use highly advanced MS Word
functions like track changes and footnotes all the time. Further, I
have to work with multiple applications like Adobe Reader, MS Word and
a web browser simultaneously. I am really frustrated with the
performance of the machine that I currently have, as it runs on a Dual
Core processor and merely has 2gb RAM.
While I am really keen to go for the Inspiron 7348, it is a lot more
expensive than the 3148 which is why I am not sure which one I should
Any concrete suggestions would be immensely appreciated.


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