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Adrian Spratt

All true. The corollary is that when you find you're using a website a lot, such as Amazon or your local newspaper, try to remember which quick navigation keys work well on it. For example, with Amazon, I find searching for text with control-JAWS key-f gets me the fastest to the content I want, such as "product details" or, for reviews, the word "helpful." On another website, pressing 4 for heading level 4 takes me through the content I need, while yet another website is best navigated with 3 for heading level 3.

The most time is consumed with unfamiliar websites. Here, I start with 1 for heading level 1, then n. If those don't work, it's time to experiment.

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There is no "skip to content" JAWS command that works universally across web
pages. Fortunately, more and more web developers mark the start of the main
content with either heading level 1 or ARIA regions. If that doesn't work
on pages you need to access, try pressing the letter n, which skips past
blocks of links. This method, however, won't always work either. In short,
quick navigation to the main content is very much page-specific.

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Does anyone know what commands to use when attempting to go directly to the
content of something on the web? I have experimented with everything that I
can imagine with the help of JAWS Help. If anyone can tell me, thanks you
very much in advance.

GIFT (God is forever true),

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