I3 v. I5 processor from the standpoint of a JAWS User

Rahul Bajaj

Hi All,

I am planning to buy a new laptop and am confused between two
machines: Dell Inspiron 3148 and 7348. My confusion stems from the
fact that the former runs on an I3 processor, whereas the latter runs
on an I5 processor. While I have been able to acquire a fairly
detailed understanding of the differences between these two on the
basis of some online research, I would be extremely grateful if any of
you could speak to the differences between these 2 processors from the
standpoint of a JAWS user. More specifically, I am a law student and
use my laptop for reading a lot of documents, using MS Office, email,
social networking and am acquired to use highly advanced MS Word
functions like track changes and footnotes all the time. Further, I
have to work with multiple applications like Adobe Reader, MS Word and
a web browser simultaneously. I am really frustrated with the
performance of the machine that I currently have, as it runs on a Dual
Core processor and merely has 2gb RAM.
While I am really keen to go for the Inspiron 7348, it is a lot more
expensive than the 3148 which is why I am not sure which one I should
Any concrete suggestions would be immensely appreciated.


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