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James Malone

Hi, There's a program called J-Say that works with dragon and naturally
speaking. Go to your Jaws resources on the web within the help menu, and
you will find this on one of the links.
PS: welcome to the list.

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Hello all
I am embarking on getting up to speed with the best of what is out there for
blind computer users. I've been using Jaws for over 25 years and now want to
add dictation software into the picture, so to speak. I live in western
Ma, have been a guide dog user since the late 80's, I have been a masseuse
for 25 years, and now have wicked carpal tunnel which I am headed to surgery
for, and that is now making me look into setting up my new computer with
dictation software of one sort or another. One thing missing is how to
find out about tech fairs that include demonstrations of assistive
technology products from the various developers. I heard that I just missed
a fair 20 minutes down the road from me because I have not been tuned into
any newsletter or list that informs me of any of that. I was on FS's site
and didn't se anything pertaining to upcoming presentations of their
products anywhere, other than at the July NFB conference. I suppose
announcements of this sort are left to local vendors of Jaws (and others)
products to advertise.
If there is anyone on list in western Massachusetts, let's say in
the Springfield area, can you point me to a place where such tech fairs
would be advertised?
I downloaded the iblink app on my iPhone and am able to listen to a
number of good podcasts on various products for the blind. FS has it's
podcast listed there. Still it appears as if some of the most popular ones
are missing from iblink radio. If anyone can suggest podcasts that are not
to be missed in terms of keeping someone up to date with Windows 8 and up,
demos of dictation software, new versions of Jaws, I'd appreciate it. I
don't know of many assistive technology people in my area but they exist. We
used to or maybe still have Adaptive Technologies and New England Low Vision
out east of me but there must be people closer in that I could speak to, and
who could demo some set ups for me.


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