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hello give this a try;

Change the Function key behavior using the Windows Mobility Center.

To open the Windows Mobility Center, press WinKey+X to open the WinX Menu
and select Mobility Center. Alternatively, open Run box, type mblctr and hit
Goes without saying that you can also access it via Control Panel > Hardware
and Sound > Windows Mobility Center > Adjust commonly used mobility

Change Function key behavior
use the tab key,
Under Function Key Row, from the drop-down menu, select Function key instead
of Multimedia key.

In this way, you will be able to interchange, swap or inverse keyboard
Function and Multi-media keys on DellĀ laptops.
hope this helps.

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Heya folks,

Have just purchahsed the Dell Inspiron 3000 Series X510 11" 2 in 1 Laptop
Install latest Jaws 16, and all seems to work ok except Jaws insert key and
F12 for the time and Jaws insert F11 for the system tray
It just stays quiet and nothing happens, I have gone into basic settings and
changed it to laptop to make my caps key my Jaws key but it works for
everything else except for the above mentioned.
Can anyone help me please?



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