Re: navigating popup windows in Internet Explorer

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Virtualizing the window! Interesting suggestion, thanks.

When I bring up the keyboard shortcuts popup, then try to virtualize the
window, JAWS says "Virtualizing is unavailable when forms mode is active".
But I have no idea why it would think forms mode is on. If I turn forms mode
off and try again, it says "the current location is already in a virtual
view". And I still have the same results and can't read the popup text a
line at a time, as it still reads the main window text instead, as if the
popup isn't there.

I also tried OCR ing the window. Unfortunately, it picks up lots of text
outside the popup, so this is not a practical way to read the popup. Maybe
there's a way to restrict the OCR region to the popup window, but if there
is, I don't know it.

The fact that JAWS seems to ignore these popups is actually beneficial in
some cases, for example when a popup is asking me to take a survey or
something stupid like that. But when I actually want to read and interact
with the popup content, it's a real PITA.

You are correct that escape gets me out of the popup. Thanks for that tip.

Soapbox on: Why do web page designers put their accessibility help in an
inherently non-accessible popup window?? GMail also does this! Grrr...
Soapbox off.

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