Update On Windows 7 Home Computer Situation

Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.

As some of you may recall, I had been having multiple problems with my main
Windows 7 home computer. As a result of the many very helpful suggestions
that I have received from a number of list members, both on and off list, I
think I have finally gotten the computer back up and running.

First, with the help of an I T technician from my University, Malwarebytes
has been installed and run several times. As a result, I believe I have now
finally gotten rid of those audio clips that were randomly appearing from
time to time.

Regarding my Outlook 2010 issue, where Outlook was often not launching
correctly, and Jaws was extremely sluggish, I conpacted the .pst Outlook
data file. As some had warned, this took very long, but that file is now
much more manageable in size. Specifically, it has been reduced from its
original 10 gig size to approximately 730 megabytes. In addition, based on
a suspicion that my A V G anti-virus software was conflicting with Outlook,
I uninstalled that program, and have gone to the free version of Avast, at
least for now. This seems to work well, and does not appear to be creating
any issues of concern. In fact, Outlook, Avast, and Jaws seem to play very
nicely together.

I still have a few things to decide:

1. Do I continue with the free version of Avast, or purchase the more
robust program?

2. Do I try to delete Outlook add-ins, and the journal, or just leave well
enough alone for now?; and

3. How often do I want to schedule the compacting of that Outlook PST file
that gave me all the trouble?

Anyway, I'm making progress now, and appreciate all of the help that I have
received regarding the difficulties I was having.


Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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