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Michael Mote

I'm wondering if shift F10 would serve the same purpose as the applications
key. I find that in many cases it does for me. Just throwing it out there.
Maybe it will help you!

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The one thing I find annoying with my HP laptop is that it does not have the
context menu key. I have used a utility to remap the print screen key to
perform that function but it is certainly not as convenient as a proper
context menu key. My guess, however, is that a windows 7 laptop is probably
old enough that it would have this key, so long as you are talking about a
full size laptop and not a compact model.

On 6/4/15, Dennis via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
hi list. i just ordered a hp laptop. its a windows 7 64 professional.
as i said in the subject i'm also using jaws 16. i would just like to
know the best way of learning the laptop after only using a desktop up
until now. thanks for any sugestions.

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