Re: new laptop user with jaws 16

Michael Mote

Depending on how you intend to use it, maybe not many changes at all. I say
that because I am not sure if you plan on using a desktop keyboard with it,
or a Bluetooth keyboard. Some models have the number pad on them, so I'm
not sure if your new laptop will or not. If you choose to use the laptop
layout, the JAWS key, or the insert key will be the capslock key. You will
also find a list of laptop keystrokes in the JAWS help menu. Good luck!

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hi list. i just ordered a hp laptop. its a windows 7 64 professional. as i
said in the subject i'm also using jaws 16. i would just like to know the
best way of learning the laptop after only using a desktop up until now.
thanks for any sugestions.

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