navigating popup windows in Internet Explorer

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. I'm having trouble navigating popup windows in IE.

As an example, go to, turn off the virtual PC cursor with
INSERT+Z, then hit the question mark key. This opens a popup window
containing a list of keyboard shortcuts for interacting with facebook, and
immediately starts reading them.

Does anyone know how to navigate this popup window? If I stop the reading
with the CONTROL key, then up and down arrow to read a line at a time, all I
hear JAWS say is "BLANK". If I turn the virtual PC cursor back on and jump
to a heading with H, it takes me to a heading on the facebook page, not in
the popup window. With my crap residual vision, I can see that there is a X
close button in the upper right corner of the window, but there is no way to
navigate to it that I can see.

The facebook popup is just one example. I have encountered this type of
popup on multiple web pages, and I've never been able to successfully use my
JAWS reading keys to read it, and have never been able to accessibly
navigate to the close button to turn the window off.

Any pointers or tips? Thanks!!

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