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Hello Ariel,

I am well, thanks! How are you? The GoldWave website is:
If you are using a computer running a 32 Bit version of Windows Vista,
Windows XP or earlier, you will need to use the 32 Bit download, version
5.70. If you are using a computer with 64 Bit Windows 7, you will need to
install version 6.1.1.
Note: To see what operating system you are running, you may do the
following. I cannot verify whether or not these instruction will work in
Windows 8, as I have never used that version of Windows. They should work
for 7 and earlier. If you already know how to do this, or if you want to
skip it for any reason what-so-ever, simply down-arrow, or perform a search,
for "***" excluding the quotes.

1. Navigate to the Windows desktop by pressing Alt Plus M while JAWS is
2. Press either "C," as in Charlie, until you reach the "Computer" icon, or
"M", as in Mike, until you reach the "My Computer Icon.
Note: If this is not located on the desktop, it should also be in your start
3. Press your applications key, (typically located to the left of your right
control key), or, Shift F10 will perform the same, mouse right click,
4. Up-arrow to "properties," and press enter.
5. Press Insert B, as in Bravo, to read the dialogue box. When finished,
just press escape to exit.


As of this writing, a one-year license of GoldWave is $19.00, and a lifetime
license of GoldWave is $59.00. If you are purchasing outside of the United
States, there is a link to a currency converter on their purchasing page.
There is a trial period that will allow you to see whether or not you like
the software before purchasing. I am having difficulty pinning down exactly
how long it is, but if memory serves me correctly, it is fourteen days. I
have attached both the 32 Bit, and 64 Bit manuals. I do not know of any
tutorials, but the manuals are very extensive and detailed. Pressing F1
after installation will also give you a wide-range overview. I hope this
helps. Enjoy your weekend!

All the best,

Paul Jenkins

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Hi Paul,
How are you?
This is Ariel from the JAWS list. I just saw your message. I'm
interested in GoldWave and all of this software. I would like to study
broadcasting, but I have no experiences with editting audio etc. How can
I learn more about this software. Do you have any tutorials or happen to
know of tutorials? Thanks,

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