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Hi Michael,
Thank you for your information. So, if I do not have any experience in this, I will not be accepted in the course?
Thanks for the suggestions. I have heard of some of these programs mentioned here. Now, what I am also wondering is if there are some online classes specifically for the blind so I can get some experience before I head to college?

On 5/28/2015 11:30 AM, Michael Mote via Jfw wrote:
As a communications major, I will say that you need to have experience using
several audio editing software. Some of the most common that are used in a
professional setting include, Sound Forge and Adobe Audition. I'm not sure
how accessible these are now. They used to work fairly well with JAWS. I
haven't used later versions of these programs in quite awhile. Audasity is
free as others have pointed out here on the list. If they will let you use
this one for editing projects, go for it. You should be familiar with the
others, as they are the standard ones used in the industry.

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Audacity For The Blind: Jaws V2.0 scripts released - VIP Audio Access

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You should look at "Audacity." It is a powerful audio editor and it
is free. Out of the box, it is accessible. Plus, there are JAWS
scripts for it that make it even more accessible. A link to its website


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My name is Ariel. I am thinking about going back to college. I would
like to study broadcasting. However, I do not have any experiences in this
Thus, I am interested in taking some lessons on the side before I go
straight to college. Also, I am setting out to learn how to use JAWS
with audio editing software. In a way, this will be aiming to get
myself familiar with the accessibility of audio editing software.
Any advice would be greatly appreciate it. I know there are seminars
for Office and the like, but is there something focused on audio
Thank you,

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