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I would suggest that you contact broadcasters locally and find out what they
use. Get a feel for what's the industry standard and focus on getting
facility with that set of tools. Some may have accessibility issues, so
you'll need to work with the department in your school to get those issues
resolved if at all possible.
You can find a lot more help regarding audio issues on the MIDI-mag list.
And you might also want to talk to folks at a local IAAIS (International
Association of Audio Information Services) station if you have one. These
are the folks that produce programs for blind listeners, and they're both
familiar with supporting blind folks and also familiar with broadcast

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You should look at "Audacity." It is a powerful audio editor and it is
free. Out of the box, it is accessible. Plus, there are JAWS scripts
for it that make it even more accessible. A link to its website


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My name is Ariel. I am thinking about going back to college. I would
like to study broadcasting. However, I do not have any experiences in
this field.
Thus, I am interested in taking some lessons on the side before I go
straight to college. Also, I am setting out to learn how to use JAWS
with audio editing software. In a way, this will be aiming to get
myself familiar with the accessibility of audio editing software.
Any advice would be greatly appreciate it. I know there are seminars
for Office and the like, but is there something focused on audio
Thank you,

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