Re: Broadcasting advice with JAWS

Richard B. McDonald


You should look at "Audacity." It is a powerful audio editor and it is
free. Out of the box, it is accessible. Plus, there are JAWS scripts for
it that make it even more accessible. A link to its website follows:


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My name is Ariel. I am thinking about going back to college. I would like to
study broadcasting. However, I do not have any experiences in this field.
Thus, I am interested in taking some lessons on the side before I go
straight to college. Also, I am setting out to learn how to use JAWS with
audio editing software. In a way, this will be aiming to get myself familiar
with the accessibility of audio editing software.
Any advice would be greatly appreciate it. I know there are seminars for
Office and the like, but is there something focused on audio production?
Thank you,

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