Surface Pro with Bluetooth headset and Jaws.

Matthew Bullis

OK, so this is a pretty specific situation, and I have no other system to test this on. I have the Aftershokz Bluez2 bone conduction headphones, and I wanted to use them with the Surface Pro3 running Windows8.1 and Jaws. Now Humanware told me there's something not quite right with the Bluetooth protocol in that version of Windows, since I couldn't run their braille display through Bluetooth. So with that sketchy knowledge in mind, when I pair the headset with the Surface, Jaws audio comes through like it does when you're listening to Voiceover on the iPhone during a call. If you've not experienced this, the voice quality is not as good. The interesting thing with this situation is that if I unload Jaws and use Narrator, the speech from that comes through just fine with no less quality. Also, if I'm already playing audio through Winamp, and I connect the headset, that audio will come through as it should. However, as soon as I issue a Jaws command, the audio stops and Jaws comes through in the less quality audio, and I can't get the Winamp audio to play, even though the track keeps advancing. My question is two-fold then. Was this a problem in Windows7 running Bluetooth, or is this unique to Windows8.1, or is there some audio setting I need to change in both Jaws and Winamp to set things straight?
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