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Windows simply does not remove the tray icon when a program dies, it
is up to the program itself to remove the icon.

If you click on the icon for a program that is no longer running then
windows will remove it, but not otherwise.

On 5/26/15, Ed Marquette via Jfw <> wrote:
It may very well be senility creeping in, but I thought, but
cannot now find, the explanation for why, on some occasions,
multiple instances of JAWS will appear in the System Tray or on
the Task Bar.

I cannot identify any specific pernicious effects, and when I
close JAWS, all instances of JAWS disappear.

Still, having the computer confused into thinking there are
multiple instances of JAWS cannot be a good thing.

Does anyone know what this is all about, or can you point me in
the right direction in the archives for this list, assuming I
didn't just dream up prior discussion of this issue?


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