What are the steps to download a zipped mp3 file from a web page

David Moore

Hi Keith.
This is David, and I will help you.
First of all, when you are on the link of the zipped file, press the
num pad *, the command for a right click, also, you can press caps
lock + the number 9 on the numbers row if you have a laptop, or you
can just right click the mouse itself. After you do this right click,
arrow down to save target to and enter on that. Next, click on save
as. When you enter on save as, and press enter, select the folder you
want to save the zipped file to. Next, enter on the save button in
the dialog and it will be saved on your computer. Important:
When you find the file on your computer, because it is zipped, when
you press enter on this file, it will show the file in mp3. I think
you have to alt tab to see the actual mp3 file. Now, press enter on
that mp3 file, and the song will start playing. Because the file is
zipped, you are just doing this extra step. So, again, press enter on
the file on your computer, alt tab to the mp3 file that is unzipped,
press enter a second time on that, and your song or whatever it is
will start playing in Windows media player or whatever default player
you have on your computer.
I hope this helps, and if you run into anything, please do not
hesitate to e-mail me off list at the e-mail at the bottom of this
message. Also, You can ask me any question you have about computer
since we are e-mailing back and forth off of the list. Take care.


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