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Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D.

This is great info! I've been looking for this.

With Rewind or Forward, does a key press result in a defined amount of position jump one way or the other, or does it start a position move that needs to be ended with either a repress of the key, or pressing the K key? Does it announce how much the position is changing as it changes?

I'll be trying this as soon as I get home tonight.

Thanks, Keith

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Hi Justin,

There are some short cut keys you can use to do everything you mentioned.
Below are details of the shortcut keys from a post not so long back from another user which is really helpful

There are keyboard shortcuts built into Youtube. If you turn off the virtual cursor, meaning you can't then use first letter navigation keys, you can then use the letters j k and l to rewind, play/pause, and fast forward. If it's Jaws, the keystroke to turn off the virtual cursor is insert Z, and again to turn it back on. However, if you're listening to a YouTube and all you really want to do is pause and get up from your seat for a break, then use the pass through key, which in Jaws is insert 3 on the number row. This lets Jaws ignore the next key press, so you could just press K to pause the video. Then when you're ready, use the pass through key again and type K to resume playing.

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Hello listmembers:

I have been a longtime visitor to Youtube, listening to many songs and watching interviews and videos compatible with many of my interests including, music, literature and history. Through all this time though, I didn't use any of the controls: (rewind, fast forward, Pause, Mute etc. I wasn't sure if they were accessible with my older version of JAWS.

Now that I have JFW16, I want to use Youtube more effectively and access these controls. A day or so ago, I opened up Youtube through Firefox and turned off the Virtual Cursor. When I started tabbing around, none of the above-mentioned controls were referenced: just the standard Youtube links.

Any help/direction is surely appreciated.

Best, Justin

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