Re: Youtube issue.


The insert+3 command also works if you just want to pause or skip forward or
back. Insert+z to turn the virtual cursor is probably better if you're doing
a bunc of skipping forward or back though.
I do find the page to be accessible enough and can access the slider for
volume and playback position along with the pause button without really
using the JKL keys

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The j, k, and l keys are the rewind, play/pause, and fast forward. You
simply use insert Z to turn off quick key navigation, and these three keys
will work, no need to tab around. When you rewind or forward, you will need

to press the k key to resume play. The navigation works great!

Tim Ford

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Hello listmembers:

I have been a longtime visitor to Youtube, listening to many songs and
watching interviews and videos compatible with many of my interests
including, music, literature and history. Through all this time though, I
didn't use any of the controls: (rewind, fast forward, Pause, Mute etc. I
wasn't sure if they were accessible with my older version of JAWS.

Now that I have JFW16, I want to use Youtube more effectively and access
these controls. A day or so ago, I opened up Youtube through Firefox and
turned off the Virtual Cursor. When I started tabbing around, none of the
above-mentioned controls were referenced: just the standard Youtube links.

Any help/direction is surely appreciated.

Best, Justin

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