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Aidan <aidan.smarttalk@...>

Thanks for this from my side as well. I always look in the registry,
but sometimes forget the device manager.

On 26/05/2015, Michael Mote via Jfw <> wrote:
Hello Rob! I've seen this before. If you go under your device manager,
select display adapters, you will probably see the Freedom Scientific
display driver. I would remove it, and also uninstall all versions of
I would then reinstall the JAWS version you want to use. Sounds like the
display driver has been corrupted somehow. I hope this helps.

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I reset Windows 7 PC to factory settings.
jaws 14 will not install display driver, I did a repair on j14 and
j15 with no luck.
I even installed jaws 16. and get the same message after Jaws starts.
Mirror display driver not installed correctly reboot your PC if you
to get this message, run a repair on Jaws....
the video intercept manager option in the jaws utility menu is not
How do I fix this?

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