Re: Mirror display driver not installed correctly

Michael Mote

Hello Rob! I've seen this before. If you go under your device manager, and
select display adapters, you will probably see the Freedom Scientific mirror
display driver. I would remove it, and also uninstall all versions of JAWS.
I would then reinstall the JAWS version you want to use. Sounds like the
display driver has been corrupted somehow. I hope this helps.

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I reset Windows 7 PC to factory settings.
jaws 14 will not install display driver, I did a repair on j14 and installed
j15 with no luck.
I even installed jaws 16. and get the same message after Jaws starts.
Mirror display driver not installed correctly reboot your PC if you continue
to get this message, run a repair on Jaws....
the video intercept manager option in the jaws utility menu is not
How do I fix this?

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