Re: Which FTP Clients and FTP Server programs, are accessible using screen-readers, such as JAWS?


As client I'm using Filezilla. It's long I tried the server from Mozilla so I don'┬Ęt know how accessible and useful it is but the client is very good. My server software is an old version of Ser-U FTP Server (not free). Nwer version of Serv-U is getting worse when it comes to accesibility.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 2015 05 26at. 11:58 Dave Durber via Jfw wrote:
Hello everyone:

Now that the latest version of FTP Voyager is difficult or impossible to use with a Screen-Reader, what FTP client programs (free, public domain or paid), are fellow list members using instead.

In addition, if there are list members who are hosting an FTP site, which FTP server program are you using?

Thank you in anticipation.


Dave Durber

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