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O.Addison Gethers

Hello Carolyn,
Thank you for the instruction so the box is check so I unload jaws again
then I waited for 1 minute then I follow all the keystroke command jaws
still not restart to come back on either so I had to shut down the computer
then turn it back on jaws came back on !! Something is wrong here and I
think I need to call FS technical support tomorrow to report this problem.

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For one thing, with many computers, the JAWS command to come on is Control
Alt J. If you'll -
1 hit Insert J;
2. the first thing will be Options;
3. Arrow down to the next, Basics;
4. Enter on Basics;
5. Tab, and I think the second one will give you the choice to check "start
with JAWS".
66. check that.

GIFT (God is forever true),


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Hello All,

I have window7 with desktop 32 bits !! I'm having problem when I unloaded
Jaws by press insert + f4 then press spacebar then I waited for 2 or 3
minute then when I try to get jaws to come back on ,I press run key then
type in jaws15 press enter jaws never came back on so I waited about 10
minute to see if jaws will come on so it didn't so I try another keystroke
command alt +shift + j that didn't work either so I try another keystroke
press ctrl +shift + j it's still not work either !! What is the right
keystroke command ? Also I had to shut down the computer so when jaws came
on I went to jaws window I can't remember what I'm looking for to see if
box is off for jaws not to come on when unloaded jaws ,Does anyone know
what's the name for to check the box in setting and show me how to get


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