Re: installing jaws without burning a key

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those are the correct instructions my friend

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2 dot G I:
When you test it out, let me know...

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Hi, I cant test this at the moment, but by the sound of it you have nothing
to loos.
Im asuming that windows is still starting up ok?
if so go to the program files folder & to Freedom Scientific & coppy the 2
folders, Activator, & Authorization Coppy them onto a flash stick or
external drive.
If it wont let you coppy them, you may need to stop jaws from starting on
reboot & use NVDA to coppy them.

after you reinstall the system, re install jaws & I would suggest you set
jaws not to start automaticly & then reboot, then use NVDA to coppy the 2
folders you coppied before back into the Freedom Scientific folder over
writing the existing ones.

As I said havent tested this but because you are reinstalling your system
with out any hardware or OS changes this may work, & you wont need to use
another auth key.

Good luck,
let me know how you go.

At 07:41 AM 9/11/2011, you wrote:

Someone had a file or set of instructions to install jaws without
burning a key. The instructions were for XP. My question is has anyone
here used those instructions using windows 7?

I am having serious computer issues and I need to reset my laptop to
factory default, which will require me to reinstall jfw.

I have been trying to research a solution to the three problems I have
been experiencing but google is no help at the moment? I want to set my
laptop to factory defaults because I am about to pull my hair out but
before I do can someone verify if it works on win 7? If not, I will do
it and just use window eyes and NVDA until Monday lol.


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