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Michael B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Brad,

What I do is use the, Customize This Folder...., option in the View Menu to
make all my folders / sub-folders display the same, & it seems to work for
me. These are my settings in the Customize this folder.... option,
Optimize this folder for, I have Documents
selected, tab 1 time to, Also apply this template to all subfolders
checkbox, checked, now apply & okay to save & close. You can experiment
with the various options to see how your folders / sub-folders display &
to see if they all display the same.
Take care.
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I want to apologize. I think you were perfectly clear, but I think most
of us have misunderstood your question. Please allow me to try again.

Clarification: There are two completely different things that one could
call "view options.:
1. When you open a Folder, go to the Tools Menu, and go to Folder
Options, there is this huge tree of options under the View tab like,
"hide extensions for known file types" and "show hidden files and
folders" and on it goes.
2. There's the "View" menu, where you can choose large icons, small
icons, details, list, etc.

I now think you're asking specifically about option #2.

If I'm right, Bill's instructions are basically correct, but there's a
catch. To recap:
1. Under View, set the type of view you want--details, list, small
icons, etc. You can even choose which details to show, again, under the
view menu.
2. Now go to Tools and Folder Options. Control Tab to the View tab, and
press space bar on "Apply to Folders". You'll get a prompt asking if you
want this view to apply to all folders "of this type." Answer yes and as
many folders as can be changed will be changed.

I say that last part because while you and I think a folder is a folder
is a folder, Windows disagrees. For instance, Windows shows different
details for a folder full of music (like Title, Artist, Length) than it
does a folder full of documents. So while you might have changed the
details for all "document" folders, you did not change it for any
"music" folders. I don't know what other types of Folders Windows has.
It would be nice if a folder was just a folder, and your changes would
affect all of them across the board. To my knowledge you can't tell
Windows to treat all folders the same, and I think that is the root of
your question, for which I do not have a good answer. Somebody else
might be able to take this ball and run with it a little farther.

Hope I've been of some help,

On 5/23/2015 8:44 AM, Mario via Jfw wrote:
David, I'm using W7 pro 64.

On 5/23/2015 4:13 AM, David Bailes via Jfw wrote:
Hi Mario,
which version of windows are you using?


original message:
is there a way to set the view details for a folder as the default for
every folder?
I want to have every file have the type, date and size show up in any
folder I look in without having to change the details for a particular
folder. I don't know if I made enough sense but if clarification is
needed, let me know.

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