Re: Will Jaws read a Kindle book that's not text to speech enabled?

Gary King

Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin will read books with its built-in text-to-speech even though text-to-speech has been disabled by the authors. In order for this to happen, an external screen reader must be running. They tested JAWS and NVDA. The screen readers reads the menus and controls, and the built-in text-to-speech reads the content of the book. JAWS cannot read any text in the book.

If the book is available in the Blio bookstore, you may have better luck. JAWS can read the content of a book in the Blio EBook Reader.

JAWS can also read protected Epub books with Adobe Digital Editions 1.8 Preview, not to be confused with other versions of Adobe Digital Editions. You may want to check to see if the book is available in that format.

Gary King

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Hello, according to various reviews of the Kindle app for pc with the accessibility, if the text to speech isn't enabled on a certain book, Jaws should read the text. I'm concerned, because if the text to speech is enabled, then I can't turn it off and let Jaws read the book in my preferred voice. I also can't arrow up and down through the text. So will I indeed get the text read to me if I buy the new Stephen King short story called Mile 81? The page says that text to speech isn't enabled, but I don't want to spend the three dollars if Jaws won't read it, and take the chance that Amazon may not give back the money. The link for this story is here:
Also, if there's some way to turn off the tts and let Jaws read from the Kindle app all the time, I'd like to find that out, although Amazon says it can't be done.

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