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"what? Should he have done that? How awful. I have noted however that even
the most clever people,seem to ask their wife or children to read their
mail. It is tempting of course. Regarding the ocr facility I think used to
be in an office suite, why is it not in Office 7? I cannot recall the
version that did have it was it something called "office document imaging?
I recall the man using it said he could even scan news papers,using grey
scales I did not try it have had a good ocr regards dorothy.

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I had one, but the REPO man took it when I got fired.
I loved it. I used it to read the mail, something my sighted wife would
rather not do.


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HI John
No you are not. You made a mistake. Most of us on this list aren't
perfect. BTW sure wish I had open book or something similar. I would be
willing to bet that most of us don't have them.


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