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Here is one where it would potentially be helpful if we knew more
about your objective.
Instead of using control plus v, if you use control plus alt plus
v, you get an option every time as to the format you want. This
works in both Word 2010 and Outlook 2010.
If you paste as text or Unicode text, everything takes on the font
in effect at the point where the paste takes place. There is also
an option to paste as formatted text -- as well as several other
options pasting format .
In fact, I almost never use control plus v anymore.

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As far as pasting goes, under the home ribbon there is a pasting
option where after pressing spacebar, it will ask if you want to
paste text only, paste special, or set default paste.

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Dear list,

I'm wondering if someone can help me with how to change the copy
and past/ cut and paste options in word 2010. I know that there is
a way to have word ask you what format you want to paste the text
as, but I don't have that set up and really need to get that
option. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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