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Eric from FS wrote to teh list earlier explainign the Sports score issue. It
appears to be an issue with ESPN's disceminating the information. He
suggested we write to ESPN directly to try to get their help to restore this

It seems kind of a hastle to have to download and go through the whole
install process for such minor patches. I guess if you're someone who is
inconvenienced by the problems noted below it would of course make sense,
but from what I saw, there's really not much in the update that addresses
the various issues I and others on the lists have been experiencing.
Sluggishness, crashes, Excel, etc. Software in general seems to be speeding
up along with all the cloud based stuff, I'm curious to see how well FS's
going to be able to keep up as well. Patches every month? Who knows. Anyway,
that’s probably a discussion for another day...

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Is it just me, or did FS just release a minor update?

Here's the list of things they fixed, and looks like the sports fans will
have to wait longer for ResearchIt to be fixed.

Enhancements in JAWS 12.0.1167 (June 2011)

The following is a list of items addressed or added between the final JAWS
12.0.1161 and

the JAWS 12.0.1167 posting.

list of 4 items
. Resolved an issue with the People Search lookup source in Research It
failing if the
results contained only one item.
. Addressed an issue reported in Microsoft Word 2010 when navigating in a
numbered list.
The braille cursor will now always be at the same location as the
active cursor.
. Resolved an issue where information was not being shown on the braille
display as
expected in some applications.
. JAWS now correctly speaks the buttons on the Web page.
list end

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