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Andre Jarreau <andre.jarreau@...>

Good stuff. I always got confused on how many times to hit the Tab key.
Thanks for making that clear. Andre

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Can I suggest a less drastic solution? You just might have a message or two
that you'll wish you'd read. Instead of deleting them all with control-a,
delete, do a search for a source you'll be comfortable losing. For example,
to bring up all the messages you got from this list, do the following:

Place focus at the message list in the inbox.

Press shift-control-f.

Tab five times to the edit field for the "to" line. Type jfw. Press enter.
This will bring up all messages sent to this list.

Eventually, JAWS will verbalize "Find now." Press F6 to go to the list of
JFW messages.

Now press control-a, then the delete key. You'll be asked to confirm, so
press enter. Press escape to get out of the dialog.

Now your inbox will be a lot lighter.

You may have another huge source of messages. Just follow this procedure,
changing only the search term.

Except sometimes a word in the subject field will be the term you need. In
that case, tab just once after pressing shift-control-f to land in that edit
field. If you want to search for a word in the "From" field, tab three times
after pressing control-shift-f.

I hope this approach gives you a little more peace of mind. I'd hate to miss
that one important or touching message someone sent.

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Hi all,

I have been in and out of the veterans admain hospital for awhile and have a
ton of e mails.

Can I select all from my inbox and get rid of them all? I have wlm, jaws
14 so thanks in advance.

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