Re: JAWS 16 and Itunes 12.

Kimber Gardner


iTunes is really quite usable with jaws these days even without the
scripts. There's a good podcast on using jaws and iTunes available at
applevis. I can't recall the exact name of the podcast, but if you
poke around a bit you should find it.

On 5/20/15, Justin McDevitt via Jfw <> wrote:
Hello listmembers,

I'm sure this has been covered in past Digests. However, it wasn't until
recently that I started reviewing the posts more regularly with much
appreciation for a community whose collective knowledge of JAWS and its
interaction with many programs/applications is impressive.

Until my recent purchase of JFW16, I had limited access to Itunes 12. I
that the Do It Blind site has downloadable scripts that allow greater
with Itunes 12 and JFW15 and 16. Alternatively, are there some Hotkey
commands that have been created recently that I can use, or is purchasing
the Do It Now scripts the way to go?

I just want to be able to label tracks as I used to be able to do with
older versions of Itunes. I also want to transfer playlists from my PC to
Iphone, without having to rely on sighted assistance for the final transfer
step in the process.

Any and all help/direction is appreciated.

Blessings to all, Justin

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