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Charles Coe

Why can't you set up a auto pay account with your bank for those creditors
you have to pay on a consistence basis?


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I went paperless for as many as I could. All these different account
numbers they ask for when doing something simple as checking a balance, I do
not remember.

But, I'm glad that Adrian brought bank of America to the forfront because
with my mortgage, there is this combobox where you mustselect the type of
payment for example, US mail, telephone, etc. I cannot access the options
there. I've done alt down arrow, enter on the combobox, down arrow, I've
tried everything but tandom. lol.

Adrian, sorry for hijacking the thread, but thoughts anyone?

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y2k? Again? Smile.
Thank goodness for telephone banking.

On 5/19/2015 12:05 PM, Kimsan Song via Jfw wrote:
I don't think it's just bank of America.
This past weekend, I got my utility bill in the email, and I went to
check it, and I got the same message as Adrian described.

I wonder if all these different sites are just making changes
preparing for y2k.

On 5/19/15, Drew Hunthausen via Jfw <> wrote:
I no longer have an account with BofA, but I also experienced this
kind of thing when I did. There would be certain times when the site
just wouldn't cooperate at all. Support was not able to give me any
help, it seemed to have to do with the day and time I tried to
access, was never able to find a pattern.

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Hi. This morning I'm unable to access a credit card account at Bank
of America. After logging in and clicking on the text version of my
latest statement, I get a message to the effect, "We're unable to
complete your request at this time." I've had this problem in the
past at BofA with IE.
After I got that message numerous times, a bank tech support rep
determined I could access the account with Firefox. As far as she
was concerned, that was sufficient. Since then, I've been able to
access the account with IE.
However, this morning neither browser works.

Does anyone else have this experience? Any suggestions? Several
people here have reported positive online experiences with BofA, but
I always find it frustrating.
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