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Hello Tom and all,

I too use Outlook 2010 and have noticed some sluggishness, but mainly, I
have more problem with it not responding. I'll be reading an email, or
typing an email, and it will just stop, as if it loses focus. I had not
(just stopped on me), noticed these issues until JAWS 16.

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Hello, everyone.

You may remember that, last week, I posted a quiry to the list regarding an
increasingly sluggish Windows 7 desktop computer with Jaws, to the point
that it became unusable.

I originally thought the problem related to some sort of a virus I had
gotten, since it seemed that something in internet explorer was constantly

I think that might have been part of the problem, but after taking the
computer to a local computer repair shop, it seems that the biggest problem
is with Outlook 2010.

I am not sure how he found this out, but the computer repair person
indicated that my Outlook data file is unbelievably huge! It contains
something like 10 gigs of material, and is constantly running, and trying to
refresh itself.

I access both my work and personal g-mail accounts via Outlook 2010, and am
very good at deleting e-mails that are no longer of use to me.

I also periodically check my all mail folder in my personal g-mail account
to be sure that deleted e-mails are not showing up in there.

I guess my question is this: Should I totally un-install Outlook 2010, and
re-install it again? Or, is there some way I can correct this issue with my
currrent version of Outlook 2010?

My University currently uses Office 365, which I know contains a version of
Outlook, so I'm wondering if that might be another way to go.

The computer tech at my local computer repair shop advises me to forget
outlook, and just access my personal g-mail via the g-mail web site, but I
have not had the greatest luck navigating that web site with Jaws 14. I'm
not sure if such an approach would work with my work e-mail account either.

Any wisdom that can be shed on this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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