Re: How can I find Add/Remove Programs in the Windows 7 Control Panel?

Brad Martin

Technically, Add/Remove Programs is now called Programs & Features. This change first occurred in the incredibly annoying Windows Vista, which is when my friends and I started referring to it as Glitches and Bugs.

Keep in mind that when you open Programs & Features, there's a bit of a delay while the list is populating, especially on an older or slower computer. So sometimes allowing a few seconds before trying to arrow through the list is advisable.

Having said that, searching for Add or Remove Programs will yield the same Programs & Features Control Panel. Just know that it's not called that any more.


On 5/17/2015 4:55 PM, Kramlinger, Keith G., M.D. via Jfw wrote:

How do I find the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel in Windows 7?

I get to the Control Panel OK, but then I'm stumped.

There's a Programs and Features link, but JAWS stops reading in the following Window after announcing the first program.

I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question, but I'm stumped.

Thanks, Keith
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