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Tom Behler

Are you sure it's not alt D?

Dr. Tom Behler

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If I want to get the web address to put into another email I use cntrl d and
the address that is right there is the current address. I cntrl c to copy
it. I guess you could paste it anywhere you like at that point. If I don't
want to leave the current address I hit enter and I am right back on the

On 5/17/15, Tom Behler via Jfw <> wrote:
Hello, everyone.

This quiry relates to the recent thread on reading web addresses, but
I think my issue is different than what has been encountered thus far.

Basically, my problem is this:

When I am on a particular web site, I can initially access the URL web
address using either alt D or f6, but as soon as I start working with
my arrow keys to make sure I have focus on the address, or to actually
copy the address onto my clipboard, the address literally disappears.

At first, I thought this was a Jaws issue, in that the address is
still on the screen and simply is not being recognized by Jaws.
However, I had my sighted wife check, and she said that the address
disappears from the screen as well whenever I start working with my
arrow keys.

I can gget a listing of other web addresses on the screen, but the one
I originally wanted seems to be gone.

Has anyone encountered this issue, and if so, how did you work around it?

I have found the problem with both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I'm using Jaws 16 with Windows 7, IE 9, and Firefox 38 on this
particular computer.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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