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Adrian Spratt

I find I always get this message now, even though I've closed all my programs. However, in my experience, I don't need to force a shutdown. Most of the time, I just wait a few moments, and then restart commences. I confirm this by pressing the up or down arrow once. (I avoid using other keys to ensure I don't accidentally trigger some action.)

Once in a while, it turns out the background program is still demanding some action. This is invariably to click on "cancel." I believe it's my antivirus program running in the background, but I can't be sure.

I have the latest release of JAWS 16, and I'm guessing it isn't caused by JAWS, although our use of JAWS may make the solution less obvious. My OS is Win7.

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Hello John,,
I often press alt tab several times to insure I have closed all of my
programs before I proceed to shut down my computer, and just before it
clicks off I receive part of a message informing me there is a program to
close, but the computer shuts down before I have time to do anything.
Cheers Kevin.

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Many times, when I hit restart with Jaws 14, jaws says one program needs to
close, I then have to do a force restart. It looks like it's jaws that is
not properly closed. Has anyone had this problem?



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