Re: can you repeet this bug?

Robert Logue

I did submit the whole thread. They are probably a bit miffed at me for my mistakes.


On 5/17/2015 5:18 AM, Kimber Gardner via Jfw wrote:
If you haven't already, you should submit this issue to FS, especially
since you can repeat the problem.

On 5/15/15, Robert Logue via Jfw <> wrote:
Well. I goofed and forgot to provide the link to the page that causes
problems with Jaws. Also, I only had the problem in FireFox. . No
problem with Jaws and this page with internet Explorer.

I just installed 2 optional Windows 7 updates. One concerns information
from one window showing up in another Window. Does that sound like it
might effect Jaws?
The other was my video driver. Both updates could effect Jaws so I
tried this page again and got the same results.
Step 1: Go to the following page with FireFox.

2: Do a Jaws search for the word bug.

3: Repeat the search after the first occurrence of the word is found.

4: Jaws stops responding after 2 or 3 searches for the next instance
with jawskey+f3.
Jaws speech history follows:
JAWS Find dialog
Find what: edit combo
Bug Fixes: clickable
A bug in the WordPad word processing engine for Windows 7 and below
could cause bad behavior in documents where a hyperlink appeared at the
very beginning
Bug Fixes: clickable

Jaws gets stuck at this point or at the next instance .

5: Sometimes Jaws does not automatically recover.

6: Sometimes Jaws won't restart with jawskey+windows+f4.

7: One time, Jaws was removed from the tab order of running
applications. I could tell by loading another screen reader.

8: Jaws would not start again in one session after unloading NVDA, (the
other screen reader).
JAWS Version 16.0.2342, Windows 7 pro 64, FireFox 37.0.2
update 38.0.1 just now.

BTW: Jaws still does not read the read only edit boxes in the Firefox
about dialog, even after I made the mods to the settings file suggested
by other listers. Lots of other Mozilla dialogs are not read properly
with Jaws. All these updates and no change.


On 5/14/2015 2:37 PM, Robert Logue wrote:
Go to this page and do a jaws search for bug. It finds the first
couple ocurences then goes to sleep and the third search with
jawskey+f3. I could duplicate this every time.

BTW: I'm on that page trying to find out why I get unusual errors
using Jarte that the programmer can't reproduce.

JAWS Version 16.0.2342 Windows 7 64 professional
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