Re: Inquiry about the use of Jaws with Oracle database


Sad to say, that in my past work experience with Oracle 11 it was a very
difficult interface. the only way I was able to use it was if there was an
html-based front-end overlay to the database structure. In other words, the
actual Oracle interface was very unfriendly, in spite of all the Java
plug-ins and access bridge. I usually tried to avoid using it whenever

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Musician, and pioneer

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Given that everything oracle related is java based I would suspect
that it is fairly spotty, but it has been far longer than since I have
gone blind that I have done anything with Oracle products so can't
really say from personal experience. Even when I could see I was not
nearly as impressed with the Oracle management tools as the equivalent
from MS.

I do know that oracle has a command line tool similar to MS' sqlcmd
and I would expect that to work fine with jaws.

On 5/15/15, Carlos Fischer via Jfw <> wrote:
Dear list members,
Can anybody assist me with the inquiry I received about the compatibility
Jaws with Oracle ?
Probably I should be more specific, as I suppose that just by mentioning
Oracle is too ambiguous. With your input, I can then better approach the
user´s question.
Thanks very much in advance for your help.
Kind regards
Carlos Fischer
Buenos Aires

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